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Description Circuit opened in 1974, since 1975 it have hosted regularly 3 Hours of Costa Rica, a touring car race. On December 11th 1988 a Group C and IMSA race was scheduled. It was named after Oscar Arias, Costa Rica president and Nobel Peace Prize winner. Pro Motor S.p.A., organizer of the event, had already spend 1.2 million of Dollars, but the race was canceled in summer 1988 for economical reason. Short circuit in blue on my map is clearly visible on 1988 map, but not on aerial photo that can be seen on official website (CONTACTENOS page); in the same photo it seems pit lane is shorter than in my map, it seems to finish on main straight and not after first corner.
Location San José - Alajuela
Location Approx 20 km - 12 mi West of San José and 6 km - 4 mi South West of Alajuela
Latitude - Longitude + 9°58'24"     - 84°14'55"
9.973333     -84.248611
UTM Coordinates X = 801674.17  -  Y = 1103719.285  -  Zone 16P
Aerial photo / Map (*)  Google Maps  -    Bing Maps  -    Flash Earth
Altitude AMSL 815 m - 2674 ft
Inauguration 1974
Sources and links (Translation) (**)
(1) Italian mail, note Mails from Ivan Sala dated November 21st 2007 and following days
(2) Italian Autosprint 28/1988 (page 83)
(3) Costa Rica Spanish www.laguacima.comOfficial website

(*) NOTE: a complete and detailed view of the circuit can be found (if available) on Street View by Google Maps and/or Bird's Eye and 3D views by Bing Maps for Enterprise (former Microsoft Virtual Earth): both can be reached using their own link in Aerial photo / Map cell.

(**) For on-line not-English speaking sources, click on each small flag and you open the corresponding Google Translator page with automatic translation.

Autódromo La Guácima
Description I don’t know which value is the right one. On the same original drawing (made by Ing. Jorge A.Valverde) total length reported is 3000 m, but the sum of all partial distance is 2938 m (see below).
Direction Anticlockwise   Anticlockwise
Progetto Proposal NO
No longer operational  
Car Circuit YES
Motorbike circuit  
Type Permanent
Inauguration 1974
Last update of this page December 7th 2004
Info last update  
Distinctive points  
length 2938  m 9639  ft 1.826  mi   (3)
length 3000  m 9843  ft 1.864  mi   (3)
Width 12  m 39  ft      (3)

Long course

Long course

Long course

Long course

Latitude - Longitude: + 9°58'24", - 84°14'55"
If the aerial photo is not visible, you have to zoom out by clicking (maybe more then once) button ’-’ in top left corner


San José - Autódromo La Guácima

A 84 40
A-B 21 * -
B 23 35
B-C 455 -
C 74 22
C-D 22 * -
D 60 40
E 70 50
F 53 22
F-G 50 -
G 32 26
G-H 190 -
H 98 50
H-I 65 -
I 68 150
I-J 135 -
J 216 60
J-K 320 -
K 98 70
K-L 215 -
L 89 65
L-A 500 -
TOTAL 2938 -

* These values could be wrong


Photos by Ivan Sala - November 26th 2007
Click on thumbnail to open original large photo

Aerial photo
Dirt section inside esses is Supermoto section. Red circle is the bull arena.
Zoomed detail of the previous photo  

Date Track layout Years Description by Map by Thanks to Note
November 30th 2007     Guido de Carli   Ivan Sala New Photos (on this site)
August 12th 2005 Autódromo La Guácima   Guido de Carli     Update Description
December 7th 2004 Autódromo La Guácima   Guido de Carli     New Description
December 6th 2004 Autódromo La Guácima   Guido de Carli Guido de Carli   Update Description with map
July 31st 2002     Guido de Carli Guido de Carli   New Description with map
Not all eventual updates issued in last years are already visible in this list

Guido de Carli

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