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Eritrea was an Italian colony from 1890 to 1941 and from 1936 to 1941 it was included in Africa Orientale Italiana (Italian Eastern Africa, A.O.I.) toghether with Ethiopia and Italian Somaliland. With the defeat of Italy in 1941 Great Britain governed Eritrea as a protectorate ruled it as "Occupied Enemy Territory". On December 2th 1950 UN passed a resolution that formally federated Eritrea to Ethiopia. In September 1952, the agreement was put into practice and Ethiopians replaced the British. After a very long war, Eritrea declared its indepence on May 24th 1993.
  Circuit Location Region Latitude Longitude ~
Map Asmara Asmara Regione Centrale / Central + 15°19'56" + 38°55'50"  
  Asmara (autodromo) Asmara Regione Centrale / Central + 15°20'00" + 38°56'00" ~
  Massaua / Massawa Massaua / Massawa Nord Mar Rosso / Northern Red Sea + 15°36'00" + 39°27'00" ~
  Nefasit - Asmara Nefasit Sud Mar Rosso / Southern Red Sea + 15°20'00" + 39°03'44" ~
It is possible to use latitude and longitude data in Google Earth and Google Maps for finding exact position of each circuit: you have to write them as they are shown here, separated by a comma or by space. Column '~' indicates rough data.

(*) Names 'Province' and 'Region' are generic and for some countries could be wrong or not used

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