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Description Track created in a disused military. It uses some existing roads that connected airport to a missile base just outside the airport perimeter. Some parts of the track have been built from scratch in order to reach at least the length of 2 km. Located in an unusual setting, surrounded by stone huts, ruin of the Cold War, even with an incredible passage of the track under the remains of one of them (see this photo).
The track hosted a race of Euro STC on October 8th 2000, replacing the event that should have been hosted at Mobitrack, the new circuit (never built) around Ljubljana. In summer 2007 it is still active.
January 2009: it seems has been removed a section of track, but I have no evidence of this.
June 2012: the circuit was dismantled, because the military base was reactivated. Hardly the circuit will be used again
Location Cerklje ob Krki - Jugovzhodna Slovenija
Location Approx 2.5 km - 1.5 mi South West of Cerklje ob Krki military airfield, 30 km - 16,5 mi North East of Novo Mesto and 40 km - 25 mi North West of Zagreb (Croatia)
Latitude - Longitude + 45°53'25"     + 15°29'47"
45.890278     15.496389
UTM Coordinates X = 538512.438  -  Y = 5081976.529  -  Zone 33T
Aerial photo / Map (*)  Google Maps  -    Bing Maps  -    Flash Earth  -   Aerial photo / Map (*)
Altitude AMSL 167 m - 548 ft
Inauguration 2000
Sources and links (Translation) (**)
(1) Italian ForumForum --> Europe --> More countries --> SLO - Circuiti Sloveni [ITA]
(2) English (...) Bulletin Board --> The Nostalgia Forum --> Mobikrog ?
(3) German (...)Rennstreckendatenbank
(4) English
(5) Ivory Coast (Côte d´Ivoire)

(*) NOTE: a complete and detailed view of the circuit can be found (if available) on Street View by Google Maps and/or Bird's Eye and 3D views by Bing Maps for Enterprise (former Microsoft Virtual Earth): both can be reached using their own link in Aerial photo / Map cell.

(**) For on-line not-English speaking sources, click on each small flag and you open the corresponding Google Translator page with automatic translation.

Mobikrog (Novo Mesto)
Description Note: most of the maps shown on web are wrong (just compare them with an aerial photo). The track has the straights shortes, while section built just after the finish line is different.
On this page are shown both layouts
Years 2000÷...
Direction Anticlockwise   Anticlockwise
Progetto Proposal NO
No longer operational YES
Car Circuit YES
Motorbike circuit  
Type Airfield course
Last update of this page September 2nd 2012
Info last update  
Distinctive points  
length 2005  m 6578  ft 1.246  mi    

Mobikrog: exact layout

Mobikrog: exact layout

Mobikrog: exact layout

Mobikrog: exact layout

Latitude - Longitude: + 45°53'25", + 15°29'47"
If the aerial photo is not visible, you have to zoom out by clicking (maybe more then once) button ’-’ in top left corner

Date Track layout Years Description by Map by Thanks to Note
September 2nd 2012     Guido de Carli   Andrea Bevilacqua Update Description
January 15th 2009   2000÷... Guido de Carli   David Griac (jpm) Update Description
July 9th 2007   2000÷... Lorenzo Tommasi Lorenzo Tommasi   Update Description with map
March 26th 2003   2000÷... Guido de Carli     New Description without map
Not all eventual updates issued in last years are already visible in this list

Guido de Carli

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