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Logos Nearly all languages, but it’s a standard dictionary that can translate only one word at a time

Angolan Portoguese   Angolan Portoguese
Arab   Arab
Arab   Arab
Argentinian Spanish   Argentinian Spanish
Australian English   Australian English
Austrian German   Austrian German
Brazilian Portuguese   Brazilian Portuguese
Bulgarian   Bulgarian
Catalan   Catalan
Chilean Spanish   Chilean Spanish
Chinese   Chinese
Chinese (Taiwan)   Chinese (Taiwan)
Colombian Spanish   Colombian Spanish
Costa Rica Spanish   Costa Rica Spanish
Croatian   Croatian
Cuban Spanish   Cuban Spanish
Cypriot Greek   Cypriot Greek
Czech   Czech
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Dutch   Dutch
Ecuadorian Spanish   Ecuadorian Spanish
English   English
English (United States)   English (United States)
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Finnish   Finnish
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Georgian   Georgian
German   German
Greek   Greek
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Hebrew   Hebrew
Hindi   Hindi
Hungarian   Hungarian
Indonesian   Indonesian
Italian   Italian
Japanese   Japanese
Korean   Korean
Latvian   Latvian
Macedonian   Macedonian
Mexican Spanish   Mexican Spanish
Montenegrin   Montenegrin
New Zealand English   New Zealand English
Norwegian   Norwegian
Panamanian Spanish   Panamanian Spanish
Paraguayan Spanish   Paraguayan Spanish
Persian   Persian
Peruvian Spanish   Peruvian Spanish
Polish   Polish
Portuguese   Portuguese
Romanian   Romanian
Russian   Russian
Serbian   Serbian
Slovak   Slovak
Slovenian   Slovenian
Spanish   Spanish
Swedish   Swedish
Thai   Thai
Turkish   Turkish
Ukrainian   Ukrainian
Uruguayan Spanish   Uruguayan Spanish
Venezuelan Spanish   Venezuelan Spanish

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