Description Circuit laid around Tropicana Field. This new location was necessary because of the evident dangerousness and obstruction of the old Bayfront circuit. It hosted Trans Am races from 1996 to 2000. The direction was clockwise and the start line was on the 1st Avenue. Then it went on 8th Avenue, on 2nd Avenue. Here it turned on Martin Luther King Street, where pits were. Then it went on 4th Avenue, 5th Avenue, 16th Street. After the latter, a 90° corner led towards finish line. In comparison to the previous circuit, this was more narrow and safer; drivers didn’t like it very much. In 2000 some works were made around Tropicana Field because of Final Four (I don’t know the sport): the area was changed and the circuit was abandoned.
Location St. Petersburg
FL - Florida - Southern States
Location Along the streets outside Tropicana Field
Latitude - Longitude + 27°46'04"     - 82°39'05"
27.767778     -82.651389
UTM Coordinates X = 337271.676  -  Y = 3072571.133  -  Zone 17R
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Altitude AMSL 6 m - 20 ft
Inauguration 1996
Closing 2000
Sources and links (Translation) (**)
(1) Italian mail, note Mails from Lorenzo Tommasi dated December 29th 2005, January 7th 2006 and following days
(2) Austria
(3) Austria American Motorsports Pages
(4) English www.racingcircuits.netMotor Racing Circuits Database

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St. Petersburg (Tropicana Field)
Years 1996÷2000
Direction Clockwise   Clockwise
Progetto Proposal NO
No longer operational YES
Car Circuit YES
Motorbike circuit  
Type Street course
Inauguration 1996
Closing 2000
Last update of this page October 25th 2007
Info last update  
Distinctive points 1st Avenue - 8th Avenue - 2nd Avenue - Martin Luther King Street - 4th Avenue - 5th Avenue - 16th Street - 1st Avenue
length 2575  m 8448  ft 1.6  mi   (2)

St. Petersburg (Tropicana Field)

St. Petersburg (Tropicana Field)

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February 4th 2006     Lorenzo Tommasi Lorenzo Tommasi   Update Description with map
May 4th 2003     Guido de Carli     New Description
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