Not to be confused with Milano - Milano, Indoor Kart Center - Milano, Parco Sempione - Milano, Pista Rossa
Description Fiera Campionaria hosted 1947 Italian Gran Prix (the first after Second World War), because Monza was still damaged because of the war. I don’t know if this circuit was used in 1948 too (probably not), but if so, surely not for any important event. In June 2008 an endurace kartrace is scheduled inside the fair and the old circuit
Location Milano
MI - Milano - Lombardia
Location Around Fiera Campionaria (the old Milano’s Fairground)
Latitude - Longitude + 45°28'40"     + 9°09'02"
45.477778     9.150556
UTM Coordinates X = 511767.085  -  Y = 5036038.733  -  Zone 32T
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Altitude AMSL 127 m - 417 ft
Inauguration September 7th 1947
Sources and links (Translation) (**)
(1) Italian Il Leggendario Gran Premio d’Italia Author: a cura di Paolo Montagna - Published by: Copyright © A.C. Promotion - Milano - Published in: Italia - year: 1989
(2) Italian temporary kart track
(3) English www.racingcircuits.netMotor Racing Circuits Database

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Fiera Campionaria
Description Street track used in 1947 (and 1948?). It was around Fiera Campionaria (Milano’s Fairground), not far from Parco Sempione (Sempione’s Park) and circuit used in 1936÷1946. Two maps comes from two different sources, but I think that one of them is wrong (which one?).
Years 1947÷1948
Direction Clockwise   Clockwise
Progetto Proposal NO
No longer operational YES
Car Circuit YES
Motorbike circuit YES
Type Street course
Inauguration September 7th 1947
Closing 1948
Last update of this page April 4th 2006
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Distinctive points Viale Berengario - Piazzale Arduino - Via dei Prefabbricati - Via Scarampo - Via Bartolomeo Colleoni - Piazza Damiano Chiesa - Via Alcuino - Via Duilio - Viale Severino Boezio - Piazza Sei Febbraio - Via Senofonte
length 3447  m 11309  ft 2.142  mi   (1)

Coppa della Campionaria 2008 (kart)
Description This circuit will host two endurance racesm each one will last 12 hours. On Saturday June 28th 2008 the direction will be anticlockwise, on Sunday June 29th it will be clockwise.
Direction Either   Either
Progetto Proposal NO
No longer operational  
Car Circuit  
Motorbike circuit  
Type Kart track
Inauguration June 27th 2008
Last update of this page January 12th 2008
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Distinctive points  
length 2020  m 6627  ft 1.255  mi   (2)

Milano, Fiera Campionaria 1947

Milano, Fiera Campionaria 1947

Milano, Fiera Campionaria 1947



1947 circuit photo tour

Photos by Guido de Carli - July 15th 2003
Click on thumbnail to open original large photo

Viale Berengario, at start/stop line. I think that pits were in Piazzale Arduino (Arduino square), on the leftFirst curve. Circuit goes on in the tunnell under the building between two white towers.First curve seen in opposite direction, just in front of the tunnellTwo white towers and via Bartolomeo Colleoni tunnell. Surely this section is changed since 1947 and I think that at that time fairground finished at right tower position and that there wasn’t any tunnell

Via Bartolomeo Colleoni from the tunnellvia Bartolomeo Colleoni from piazza Damiano Chiesa, in opposite direction. In background, the tunnellPiazza Damiano Chiesa roundabout: circuit direction was clockwise, while today traffic direction is anticlockwiseSee photo 7. Big gray palace separates via Bartolomeo Colleoni and via Alcuino

via Alcuino from piazza Damiano ChiesaPhoto taken from the middle of via Alcuino. Background: left curve in front of Gattamelata fairy gateAs photo 10, but taken from the end of via GattamelataVelodromo (bike track) Vigorelli and parking inside left curve taken on photos 9 and 10

via Duilio taken from Gattamelata fairy gateVia Duilio in contrary direction, taken at middle curve on junction with Viale DomodossolaViale Severino Boezio. Photo taken more or less in the same place as photo 14Viale Severino Boezio taken from Piazza Sei Febbraio (February 6th square). Next right curve was more or less where is the first car coming towards the camera

via Senofonte. It’s the narrowest section of the circuit.Milano fairy main entrance, taken from Piazza Giulio Cesare (Julius Caesar Square). Circuit was exactly in its frontEnd of via Senofonte and last curveLast bend and begin of viale Berengario. Car on the right is coming from via Senofonte

Piazzale (square) Arduino, where I think there were pits   

Date Track layout Years Description by Map by Thanks to Note
January 12th 2008 Coppa della Campionaria 2008 (kart)   Guido de Carli     Update Description without map
September 27th 2003     Guido de Carli     Update Description
August 2nd 2003     Guido de Carli     Update Description
July 18th 2003     Guido de Carli     Update Description
July 17th 2003     Guido de Carli     New Photos (on this site)
July 17th 2003     Guido de Carli Guido de Carli   New Description with map
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