Not to be confused with General San Martín - San Martín, Jorge A. Pena
Description In 1915 it hosted a 500 km race and in 1916 "Fiesta del Motor" (Engine festival)
Location Villa Maipú
B - Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires
Location A little more than 100 m - 330 ft from the site where in 1927 was built Autódromo General San Martín
Latitude - Longitude (approx) - 34°34'02"     - 58°31'41"     (approx)
-34.567222     -58.528056     (approx)
UTM Coordinates (approx) X = 359826.228  -  Y = 6173887.983  -  Zone 21H     (approx)
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Altitude AMSL (approx) 30 m - 98 ft    (approx)
Inauguration June 6th 1915
Closing 1916
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Hipódromo de San Martín
Years 1915÷1916
Progetto Proposal NO
No longer operational YES
Car Circuit YES
Motorbike circuit  
Type Courses established on or around horse track venues
Inauguration June 6th 1915
Closing 1916
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